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Cotton Community Mask (non-medical) CV
Cotton Community Mask (non-medical) CV
Cotton Community Mask (non-medical) CV

Cotton Community Mask (non-medical) CV

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These items are available online for delivery in South Africa only.  Pricing is determined by the amount of units you order, we have been certified to produce and sell category A regulation items.

This non-medical item is intended to slow down the spread of the virus by limiting the amount of droplets spread by people that are asymptomatic (there is a lot of evidence pointing to people infecting others before they show any symptoms) when they speak (spit), shout (spit) or breathe (aerosolized droplets). The countries where the wearing of such masks have been made mandatory anywhere outside your own home and anywhere in public are showing much better results in slowing down the rate of infections. It has the added benefit of freeing up desperately needed surgical masks for healthcare workers that need them most, the average worker will use up to 18 per shift.

Made from a double layer of cotton/spandex the mask is hand washable and reusable.  It has elasticated straps that tie behind the head and is very easy to wear.

Please note these items are currently only available in South Africa due to the international logistical impact of COVID-19.

For bulk inquiries of more than 500 units please email us at

Tests have been done that indicate a screening rate of up to 70% at 0.02 micron in cotton t-shirting as opposed to 89% for a surgical mask at the same micron particle size. The SARS-2 virus that causes COVID-19 is about 0.1 micron in size

VERY IMPORTANT READ BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH PURCHASE:  Please note that we make absolutely no claim to the efficiency of these masks in protecting you from contracting COVID-19 or from transmitting the virus to others. Please do your own research regarding the use of double layer cotton t-shirting in face shields before you commit to any purchase or order. This is never to be worn by health care workers working in close proximity with people infected with COVID-19 or anywhere in hot zones.

Care and wear instructions : Although every care is taken during the manufacture and packing process we strongly recommend you wash the mask before wearing for the first time.

Thereafter you should hand wash the mask at least once a day or after wearing with  soap in hot water. It is normal for it to give off a bit of colour, normal cotton wash cycles are not as hot as tap water. Alternately you can also place the mask in a suitable container and pour boiling water over it. Let it stand for at least 10 minutes.

Squeeze dry after washing. Drying time at room temperature is about 8 hours, in direct sun it will dry faster. We therefore recommend at least two masks per person so that they can be worn in rotation.

Once the mask is on your face, please touch it as little as possible. Use the straps to lift it on and off if you have to. Try not to touch the inside or outside of the mask when wearing it or removing it, COVID-19 can survive on textiles for hours. Sanitize your hands if you do.




Our chart works on body measurements and not garment measurements

Note that our models are on average 1.90cm tall with a 102cm chest measurement and are photographed wearing a size large

Chest Body Measurement Garment size to use
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